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Can I combine my pension with other allowances?

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The pension cannot be paid if you receive an allowance on account of:
  • illness, disability or unemployment;
  • career interruption or diminished working activities;
  • a conventional early retirement.

A disability allowance or a similar allowance granted in another country, will be considered as a retirement pension.

If the pensioner’s spouse receives one or more such benefits or allowances, the pension can only be paid as for a single person.

If you benefit at the same time from a retirement pension and a survivor's pension as employee, the survivor's pension may be reduced if a certain threshold is reached.

Can I combine my pension with a professional activity?

As pensioner you may exercise a professional activity, providing the earnings do not exceed a certain ceiling. If you receive a family pension (a pension as a married person), your spouse may also work, but the earnings ceiling also applies.

There is however no earnings ceiling if you are a pensioner:
  • over 65 years old
  • with a full career: 45 years.



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