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Pensions for salaried persons in Belgium

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Basic info in English
Even if you have a fair knowledge of one of our national languages (Dutch, French, German), the complex pension regulations can be difficult to understand.
That’s the reason we provide this information in English. It is less extensive than our Dutch, French our German pages, but it will answer a number of questions you may have concerning your future pension.

If you need more information, the NPO is always at your disposal and provides several information channels.

  Right and award conditions?

Am I entitled to a legal pension in Belgium?

When do I qualify for a pension paid by the National Pension Office?

At what age can I retire?

Pension request

Where can I apply for my pension?

How much will I receive?


How is my pension paid?

Allowed activity?

Can I combine my pension with other allowances?

Can I combine my pension with a professional activity?


Can I apply for an estimate of my pension?


Where can I obtain further information?



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